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We take the

grunt work out

of documentation

so you can focus on building great products

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Joining your team as your fully integrated documentation tracking assistant, raised with 🤗 from the team at Savoir.

Savant the blue suricate waving with a yellow Savoir shirt onHi!


in minutes,

not days

Savant integrates seamlessly into your GitHub repository, and starts tracking the status of your documentation straight away. No need to learn new tools or create a new account, Savant will adapt to your workflow, not the other way around.

Your documentation,

your way

We can host your documentation website for you, or you can generate it yourself using markdown. Don't want to write your documentation in PRs? That works too, Savant can create reminder issues on GitHub, and you can track it though your own process. You own your documentation.


code &


Once integrated into your GitHub directory. you can chat with Savant directly in your pull requests by tagging them in a comment like any other reviewer. Keep up to date with your documentation, and write it as part of your review process. Anyone who has access to your repo can participate, making documentation more transparent and collaborative.

How does it work?

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Commit files

Savoir will track the commit and check the changed files. Any files that need documenting will now be tracked through the status check. We'll track all commits for you, so you can start writing the documentation when the code is ready.


Get notified

Savoir will post a comment in your pull requests if your code needs to be documented, letting you know what the next steps to document your code are.


Document your code

You can write your documentation, or execute other commands, directly in Github by tagging Savoir. Once written, updating your documentation is as easy as editing the comment. Never leave your workflow to navigate to another application. We track your documentation right where your code lives.


Merge your code

When Savoir detects that your code is documented, it will update the status check on Github. You can now merge your pull request knowing your documentation will stay up-to-date!

Start tracking your documentation the right way, today.